Are you new to the world of interactive fiction? Do you need a little push to get the inspirational juices flowing?

Or are you a veteran and would like to contribute something to the world of IF, but need that one little spark to light your authorship fire?

Or do you just feel like writing a little game?

Well here's a little something to help get you on your way to be the next great interactive fiction author: The Toaster Contest

The rules are very simple:

Make a toaster. The toaster should have a lever on it (to push down the bread) and a slide or dial to set the toastedness to. See how much of a game you can make out of it -- let your imagination run wild, as they say.

Once you've written your idea (and you can use any system you like, be it TADS, Hugo, Inform, Alan, or any of the others that are out there), simply email it to me at and I will place it on this page.

Good luck and, more importantly, have fun!

Key to table:

Game file             Source code             Source code ZIP file
Inform/Z-Code Submissions
Game NameAuthorSubmission Date
Tommy The Toaster "Coala" 18-Aug-2000 Download "Tommy the Toaster"   View source to "Tommy the Toaster"
Spitting Crumbs Duncan Cross 31-Aug-2000 Download "Spitting Crumbs"   View source to "Spitting Crumbs"
Friar Bacon's Secret Carl Muckenhoupt 31-Aug-2000 Download "Friar Bacon's Secret"   View source to "Friar Bacon's Secret"
Burnt Toast Josh Giesbrecht 31-Aug-2000 Download "Burnt Toast"   View Source to "Burnt Toast"
Got Toast? Jim Fisher 31-Aug-2000 Download "Got Toast?"   Download source to "Got Toast?"
The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Too! David Dyte 01-Sep-2000 Download "The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Too!"   View source to "The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Too!"
Inform/Glulx Submissions
Game NameAuthorSubmission Date
(You're) TOAST! Gunther Schmidl 24-Aug-2000 Download "(You're) TOAST!"   View source to "(You're) TOAST!"
TADS Submissions
Game NameAuthorSubmission Date
Masters of Toasting Leon Lin 31-Aug-2000 Download "Masters of Toasting"   Download source to "Masters of Toasting"
This is the Toaster Peter Berman 01-Sep-2000 Download "This is the Toaster"   View source to "This is the Toaster"
Toasterama Doug Jones 01-Sep-2000 Download "Toasterama"   Download source to "Toasterama"
Mr. Remote Mom Lenny Pitts 01-Sep-2000 Download "Mr. Remote Mom"   Download source to "Mr. Remote Mom"
Alan Submissions
Game NameAuthorSubmission Date
There is No Bread Mikko Vuorinen 31-Aug-2000 Download "There is No Bread"   View source to "There is No Bread"

Optionally, you can grab "full" archives of the games. These are snapshots of the current uploads as of a certain date.

This page last updated on 7 September 2000
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