Speed IF 7

On 2 December 1999, I had the privilege of running the 7th "Speed IF" competition. The basic format of the event is simply to give the participants a premise and two hours to create a game inspired by that premise.

If you're interested in participating, you need to be a member of ifMUD. It's easy (and free!) to join, and you'll get an opportunity to meet quite a number of interesting people.

For Speed IF 7, the premise was:

You're a stowaway on an oil tanker in the North Atlantic. Questions to consider: why are you there? Are you trying to stop a dastardly plot? Are you trying to start one? How did you get on board? Who's the pretty birdie then? (just kidding) Bonus objects: a lump of clay, a cheerleader's pompom, a photograph of the loch ness monster, a bottle of Dr Pepper, and tomorrow's newspaper today.

The following games have been submitted for your consideration:
Name Author File Type Size
The Oily Deeps John "katre" Cater captain.z5 Inform 81.5k
Sinking the Lily Jane Ryan N. Freebern lilyjane.z5 Inform 83.5k
Tanker and Webb Andrew "andyf" Frederiksen tankweb.z5 Inform 47.5k
Tears Keep Getting In My Dr Pepper Marnie "Doe" Parker tears.z5 Inform 51.0k
The Bloody Mess Doug "Limax" Jones eeeagh.gam TADS 106k
I Never Promised You A Nose Guard Rob "Spatch" Noyes noseguard.z5 Inform 53.5k

Or, you can get them as one single zip file

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