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Hawaii Five-O

This is an attempt at putting together a list of all the actors who have appeared in Hawaii Five-O either as a recurring character, or as a regular. We've just started it, so it's quite sparse -- and quite likely incorrect in places. Any and all help would be appreciated.
Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Luther Adler
Plays Dominick Vashon from the Vashon series (105 through 107).

Glenn Cannon
Plays the D.A., John Manicote.

Roger C. Carmel
Plays Mischa Toptegan in the following episodes:
  • 66 & 67. F.O.B. Honolulu
  • 88 & 89. The Ninety-Second War

Hume Cronyn
Plays Lewis Avery Filer in the following episodes:
  • 59. Over Fifty? Steal
  • 86. Odd Man In

Richard Denning
Plays the Governor.

Khigh Dhiegh
Plays Wo Fat in the following episodes:
  • 26. Forty Feet High, And It Kills
  • 29. A Bullet For McGarrett
  • 49. And A Time To Die...
  • 88 & 89. The Ninety-Second War
  • 101. The Jinn Who Clears The Way
  • 156. Presenting... In The Center Ring... Murder
  • 169. Murder -- Eyes Only
  • 192. Nine Dragons
  • 278. Woe To Wo Fat

Al Eben
Plays Doc Bergman. Seasons 3 through 9.

Harry Endo
Plays Che Fong.

Sharon Farrell

Plays Lori Wilson, season 12.

Kam Fong

Plays Chin Ho Kelly. Seasons 1 through 10.

Harold Gould
Plays Honore Vashon from the Vashon series (105 through 107), and in episode 174, "The Case Against McGarrett."

Al Harrington

Plays Ben Kokua. Seasons 5 through ?.

Pat Hingle
Plays Grant Ormsbee in the following episodes:

Moe Keale

Plays Truck, season 12.

Don Knight
Plays Peter Makros from the Vashon series (105 through 107).

Jack Lord

Plays Steve McGarrett in all 12 seasons.

James MacArthur

Plays Dan "Danno" Williams. Seasons 1 through 11.

Gavin MacLeod
Played Big Chicken in the following episodes:

Amanda McBroom
Plays officer Sandi Welles in the following episodes:

She also has her own web page called, appropriately enough, The Amanda McBroom Homepage.

Douglas Mossman
Plays Frank Kemana. Season 12.

Maggi Parker
Plays May, season 1.

Peggy Ryan
Plays Jenny Sherman, seasons 2 through 10.

William Smith

Plays James "Kimo" Carew, season 12.

Herman Wedemeyer

Plays Edward "Duke" Lukela, seasons 5 through 12.

Morgan White
Plays the Attorney General, season 1.


Plays Kono Kalekaua. Seasons 1 through 4.

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