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Hawaii Five-O On The Web

Occasionally, whilst surfing the web, we will come across a reference to Hawaii Five-O. Here's what we've found (or have been told about) so far.

Positively Hawaii Five-O
Kathy has a beautifully designed set of pages. Take a look!

Herman Wedemeyer Home Page
Liz Clare runs a page devoted to Herman "Duke Lukela" Wedemeyer. Take a look and see what info she's uncovered.

Julie Brooks has put together a nice page for fans of Jack Lord. It also includes a message board and a chat room.

Aloha! Carol's Jack Lord Page
Carol Coley has put together a web site for Jack Lord. As she puts it: "Welcome lovers of Danno's Boss".

The Center for Jack Lord Research
Everything you ever wanted to know about The Man himself. It includes articles, interviews, pictures, and many interesting and informative items. If you are even the slightest fan, you must take a look at this. It'll keep you entertained for a long time.

Hawaiian Style Fan Fiction
Gina Martin is maintaining a friendly site for Five-0 fan fiction.

The official Hawaii Five-O Fan Club!
This is the home of the Five-O Fan club. A bit graphics-intensive (not for lynx users, in other words), but a great site to explore the mysteries of your favourite television show.

This is the newsgroup devoted to the show. Your site may not have it (there are many places which don't), but we know that Netcom and America Online do.

(Just as an aside, someone from Yahoo must have taken a look at this page, because they lifted my description almost word-for-word. Plagerism or flattery? You decide.)

Yahoo! - News and Media:Television:Shows:Cop Shows:Hawaii Five-O
Yup, even Yahoo's got it -- although we believe we have all of their links here anyway.

TikiTrader's Hawaii 5 - 0 Page
"Tikitrader" presents their own unique view and commentary on the show.

Karen Rhodes' Page
This set of pages comes from the biggest fan of Five-O; Karen has a book out about our favorite show.

Mike Quigley's Page
Mike has a complete listing of all the episodes, along with the FAQ and the theme song. He also has a good list of trivia and mistakes that have been made in the production of the show.

Todd Witteles' page
Still more H5O goodies -- including a drinking game, and an explanation as to why your site doesn't have the newsgroup. Todd also has a list of stations which are showing Five-O around the country. Take a look!

Joe Roberts' Page
The Five-O ohana keeps growing. Joe has got some excellent scans and snapshots from the series as well as sound "bytes" from various epsidoes. Well worth the look.

Tim Krell's page
A must-see for any true Hawaii Five-O fan; Tim's got lots of pictures of Five-O locations, from the statue in the opening credits to the Iolani palace.

Heather Henderson's Portrait Page
Heather has pictures of several celebrities, including Jack Lord. In addition, she has a web page just for Mr. Lord himself.

Ultimate TV List: Hawaii Five-O
The entry at tvnet.com in the Ultimate TV List -- a site that contains hundreds of shows. And it's very easy to add your own information too.

TV Bytes: WWW TV Themes Home Page : By Patrick G. Kenny
Patrick has an amazing number of television theme songs which all seem to be in .au format. Under his Action/Adventure section (I would have put it under Dramas myself), he has the theme to Hawaii Five-O.

The Internet Movie Database (IMD)
Even though this is a movie database, it lists TV shows as well. The entry for Hawaii Five-O has been updated considerably since the first ``Jack Lord ......unknown´´ was in there. Still, feel free to send them updates if you have new information.

The IMD Pilot Entry
The IMD also has the pilot entered as a TV movie.

Three Shields Hawaii
This is a site which has tons of Hawaiian information on it. The ``Radio, Film and TV´´ page includes H5O stuff; unfortunately everything seems to require a ``frames-compatible´´ browser which not everyone has.

An extensive set of pages on Numismatics. Includes a reference to the sixth-season episode ``The $100,000 Nickel.´´

Ernie's Learn to Speak a Little Hawaiian
Have you ever wondered what all those Hawaiian words mean that the Five-O team uses? Well, Ernie Robello has put together a great set of pages not only explaining pronunciation, but also translating many of the more interesting words and phrases. So now, when McGarrett says he's looking for ``he wahine u`i,´´ you'll know what he's talking about.

Find Your Name in Hawaiian
This clever little page will tell you what your name is in Hawaiian. Check it out!

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