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In The Line Of Duty...

It's easy to get injured when you're a cop. It's easier still if you're a member of Hawaii's elite police unit.

For several entries, thanks to:
  • Karen Rhodes
  • Christopher Potter
  • Melisa Dillard

6. Twenty-Four Karat Kill
Chin Ho gets cracked on the head in this episode. His wife comes to the hospital, but we don't get to see her since Danno sent her out for coffee.

10. Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born
McGarrett gets shot three times - once in the arm, a graze in his side, and a direct hit to the abdomen. It was open season on former Naval officers and McGarrett didn't get the memo.

12. Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember
McGarrett gets his ribs cracked in a fight when big Benny Apa (Ron Feinburg) gets him in a bear-hug crunch.

13. King of the Hill
Danny is shot in the stomach.

29. A Bullet for McGarrett
McGarrett is shot in the shoulder by a brainwashed/hypnotized lady cop doing undercover work, but he does go on to beat the bad guy in what is probably the most improbable fight of the entire series.

30. Sweet Terror
McGarrett gets stabbed in the left arm by a blade from an umbrella. Apparently he's not a fan of James Bond movies or he would have anticipated this one.

54. The Ransom
Kono is taken by kidnappers and badly beaten.

55. Force of Waves
McGarrett's left arm is broken in bomb blast that successfully kills a millionaire trying to tell him information. He has a fight at the end, while wearing a cast, that's almost as improbable as that in "A Bullet for McGarrett."

96. R & R & R
In wresting a knife from a killer, McGarrett grabs the blade itself and slices his left palm.

104. Journey out of Limbo
Danny has a brain concussion after hitting his head.

154. A Gun for McGarrett
An attempt to assassinate McGarrett: a bomb blast gives McGarrett a head wound, concussion and shrapnel in left (as always) arm.

170. McGarrett Is Missing
This time, in a plane crash, McGarrett seriously wounds his leg. A prisoner deliberately hits him there in a struggle for McGarrett's gun.

185. Loose Ends Get Hit
This time, McGarrett gets hit in the arm while escorting an informant out of the DA's office. He gets assigned a driver because his arm's too sore to drive himself.

204. Man in a Steel Frame
In addition to the insult of being framed for murdering his lady love, McGarrett suffers the injury of being coshed on the head and then drugged.

206. Elegy in a Rain Forest
Duke Lukela, in chasing Homer Waimano (the ubiquitous Beau van den Ecker) gets a kick to the groin. To his credit, Duke gets back up and back into the fray, bringing down Waimano with a therapeutic (to Duke) bust in the chops!

210. Blood Money is Hard to Wash
A bomb in Steve's office puts him in the hospital, as well as bruising up Chin and Danno, and giving Duke a broken arm.

228. A Short Walk on the Longshore
McGarrett, who is supposedly on the mainland but is really (stupidly) doing an independent undercover operation without having told his guys or the governor, gets caught in a Five-O operation and decks Danno trying to get away. He either severely injures or even breaks his hand in doing so. (And he deserves Danno's very sour remark, "I hope you broke it.")

255. Stringer
Duke Lukela is injured in a car wreck caused when a hood fires at a car he's riding in (the HPD officer driving is killed).