"Study In Rage"
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What others have written about "Study In Rage":

  • From: jon helpingstine
    Date: 20 Oct 2000, at 20:41:51
    I can't believe there are no submissions for this great episode. A psycological thriller! Suspense up the @##$@! And what an ending, Chin Ho kicks some serious ass or was it Ben? Anyway here in Los Angeles the local station the carries the show has only a 20 or so episode rotation and and this one (A Study in Rage) is not inculded. I don't have a computer--- I'm submitting this from Kinkos--- but, if anyone could get me a copy of this episode I'd really appriciate it. Or any info on Five-0 tapes for sale. Contact me at: 830 N. Van Ness #3 Hollywood Ca 90038

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