"Ring Of Life"
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What others have written about "Ring Of Life":

  • From: Mike Granieri
    Date: 30 Nov 1998, at 01:19:38
    "Ring of Life" has Don Knight back in another slimey villain role at which he excelled (nothing like how he was used in the wretched "The Kahuna"). Although he dresses well, he looks like he hasn't washed his hair in a month and he keeps wearing the same sportcoat day after day. He gets a big charge out of torturing his victims with a lit cigar. These days we are much more civilized with cigars (or at least when we use them on other people, we don't light them. Right Bill and Monica?) :-)

    There is a brief comic interlude as Knight, who complained about his last safecracking partner being too talkative, is sent a guy who can only talk when spoken to and is a man of single words and monosylables. You expect the nasty Knight to get P-O'ed, but instead he's amused by it.

    Knight's Indian partner is wearing a suit which is fairly indescribable except to say it was all white with embroidery around the lapels and sleeves and came with a hideous black/white patterned shirt of the same design. He looked seomthing like an Indian country and western singer of the 60's might look if he was playing the Holiday Inn in New Dehli. Later when the man is on Oahu, he dresses in standard business suits.

    McGarrett is quick to accuse the museqaum director Coleman of buying stolen artifacts, though he had no proof. McGarrett has to hold his hand over his ear once again to hear his trans-Atlantic call to Interpol. And he proves resourceful when out of his office without his familiar props to write, rap, kick or snap on, he picks up a branch at the Indian consulate garden and shakes it as he starts processing clues.

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