"Small Witness, Large Crime"
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What others have written about "Small Witness, Large Crime":

  • From: Kathy Conroy
    Date: 3 Nov 1998, at 00:28:18
    It's nice to see how Steve and Danno relate to the young boy who witnesses the murder. I love the scene in Steve's office where Danno feeds the young boy hamburgers and Steve asks where he puts it all.

    It's funny how you don't hear the sniper speak at all (at least in the version I saw). Not that this took away anything from the plot.

    There's a nice seen at the YMCA too, where Steve and Bert Convy are playing handball. See, McGarrett does have a life outside of the office. But it also shows the friendship between them, which doesn't seem to interfere with Steve's pursuit of justice at the end.

    Seeing France Nuyen again (from "Highest Castle, Deepest Grave") was a pleasure. She's a fine actress. Too bad we didn't see more of her. You could just tell that she would be a worthy adversary for Steve (or at least a great conversationalist on a date - you could see and feel the sparks between them).

    I'd give this episode 3 stars.

  • From: Chris Hartman
    Date: 25 May 2000, at 19:48:47
    The thing that hits you first is Steve's handball outfit..Damn! The second thing is the outfit Convey's wearing when they leave the handball court Also when Frances starts to get a ticket Steve asks Burt, "Should I fix it for her?" Small mark in the otherwise flawless armour of honesty Then watching McGarrett bust Burt Convey. Chris' Episode Rating: (** 1/2) out of 5

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