"A Woman's Work Is With A Gun"
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Others' Musings

What others have written about "A Woman's Work Is With A Gun":

  • From: Scott I
    Date: 25 Jan 2003, at 06:13:11
    To quote Chin Ho, "I like it, ...you better explain why you don't like it". No, I can understand why some don't like this episode. But I did like it.

    It shows the desperation these women would go for to get money, particularily the one who needed $$$ to pay for her son's operations and the the one trying to break from her dirtbag husband. The third one and her smack addiction...yes, she should have been the one killed by police.

    Don't think McGarrett didn't miss the fact that tourists were robbed of their cash on a tour bus, he's paricularily enraged. Remember what he told Danno when informed of the tour bus being knocked off: "Danno tourists are bread and butter to these islands, and they don't come here to get robbed by men OR WOMEN...". It's good to see his anger, how'd you like to take a trip to Hawaii and get robbed on a tour bus?!

    Some great put-downs by the pusher (Jimmy Borges, great albeit brief appearance) to the bully: "What you THOUGHT don't by NOTHIN'" and "Have you looked at yourself lately? All you can do is turn my stomach"...OUCH!

    Nice little twist near the end, where the plot changes and one of the women plots to have the bully killed off. Of course makes for a great "McGarrett saves the day without further killings" just in time: "Book them Danno, murder one two counts for this one (the bully)", the end.

  • From: Melissa Jones
    Date: 24 Jun 1999, at 00:30:48
    This is one of my least favorite episodes from the entire series.

  • From: Steve Ward
    Date: 4 Mar 2000, at 18:59:51
    A very poor episode indeed that centres around a slow meandering story that holds little interest for the viewer. Sadly signs of the shows imminent fatigue are in evidence here from start to finish.

  • From: Ross Eleka
    Date: 16 May 2000, at 18:29:59
    Sorry about the negative comments from other fans. As for myself, I didn't think this episode was too bad.

    Those who didn't like it may be interested to know though that this episode was the most-watched TV show of that particular week, back in early 1975. Yes, I still remember it! The reason was probably its unusual storyline--a lot of "curious" viewers probably tuned in.

  • From: Mark Fensler
    Date: 11 Jul 2000, at 16:30:05
    I agree with Steve & Melissa on this one. Never liked it, never watch or tape it.Of the trio, the wrong one was killed by police, it should have been the bully Dina. I could see robbing hotels as Chris Vashon did, but a bus, and with all those witnesses? Hardly!

  • From: Amir Ashraf
    Date: 13 Mar 2001, at 04:13:19
    That episode was alright. But I don't know why they choose to rob people on busses, I guess I forgot because I saw that episode a long time ago. But robbing a bank could of got them all the money they needed in just one attempt and it's using the same technique as in robbing people on busses. By the way, do they still rob people on buses?

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