"Bones of Contention"
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Others' Musings

What others have written about "Bones of Contention":

  • From: Eric H.
    Date: 18 Jul 2002, at 17:16:42
    This was a very good story and it was interesting how the bones wound up in Pearl Harbour.My favorite part was when the professor went over a very arrogant Mcgarrett and called Jonathan K directly. It was one of a few times Mcgarrett didn't have the last word.As usual the character actors were very good. As Vic Tayback said when reminded how much trouble he might get in with his scam after already being sentenced to life " what are they going to give me, more life!"

  • From: Peter Harris
    Date: 8 Nov 2002, at 07:10:33
    Just a note marking the passing of Keene Curtis, who starred in this episode, at the age of 79 (October 20, 2002) from Alzheimer's disease. He really did a good job in this episode, so eager to get the bones back that he would break the law to smithereens -- fortunately McGarrett and Jonathan Kaye kept him at bay.

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