"Hara-Kiri: Murder"
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What others have written about "Hara-Kiri: Murder":

  • From: Mike Granieri
    Date: 30 Nov 1998, at 01:18:53
    Hara Kiri starts out at a familiar place - the Byodo-In temple. While this is a pretty standard caper type episode, it is enhanced greatly by the venerable Ossie Davis as a slick, clever, highly confident and sartorially splendiferous villain.

    Nelson Fair and an incredibly mousey Lynn Ellen Hollinger appear as Davis' accomplices. The makeup people should have gotten an Emmy for getting the babely Hollinger so unattractive.

    McGarrett mispronounces Davis' name as RAY-mon instaead of RAH-mon. McGarrett proves he is an incredibly fast adder as he totals a table of numbers at Pentium speed. But he's not too good at calculating time difference, as it takes five slow-paced finger snaps before he can figure what time it is in Tokyo. And in a rare occasion of staying in the background intead of grabbing the glory, McGarrett stays in the office and lets, Danno, Chin and Ben grab the bad guys.

    Here's a continuity blunder for Mr. Mike: In the final scene the assassin puts his silncer on his pistol and is about to shoot the banker and his wife when 5-0 bursts in. He immeditaely runs out the back door at full speed and sees and fires at Ben - except his gun shot is heard. He certainly had no time to remove the silencer.

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