"Welcome To Our Branch Office"
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What others have written about "Welcome To Our Branch Office":

  • From: Nina
    Date: 19 Oct 2002, at 15:21:45
    I really liked this episode. It was nice work finding the fakes but they didn't look much like the real 5-0. Dannos fake was close but his hair and voice was wrong and the other fakes was good work but not very close. But I enjoyed it.

  • From: Richard Hengber
    Date: 6 Nov 2002, at 11:29:37
    This was a very humorous episode that had a story that seemed to be borrowing from previous tv shows(The Adventures of Superman had a double of the man of steel as well and the big boss tried to run away with all the loot just like Bowman).Cameron Mitchell Plays his role to the hilt as a con-man setting up the Five-0 unit for a series of shakedown schemes.The four fakies are pretty good.It's especially interesting to notice MacArthur's expression when he sees his own double at the end.One very funny moment was when the fake Danno opens up Mcgarrett's door.When was the last time that McGarrett called Danno,Danny."Take care of it will you Danny? Something pressing came up." The great Frank Gorshin, who currently has a Broadway show run playing the legendary George Burns,does not get enough to do in this episode.But he's pure Frank Gorshin all the way.Incidentally Stash old buddy just happens to be appearing at the Helen Hayes Theater in New York a theater named after James MacArthur's mom. Interesting and funny episode....and whatever became of Thorvald Boie??????

  • From: Joe Offredi
    Date: 9 Oct 1998, at 20:26:44
    Looks like the cast and crew of Five-0 were getting a little tired of the same old grind by this time, because this episode represents a real change-of-pace. It exhibits a general attitude of humor that is missing in almost every other show, and seems to say, "We're taking ourselves a bit less seriously this week." Just stay out of the trap of thinking, "Aw, that could never really happen in the real world," and if you're like me, you'll enjoy it quite a bit.

    The boys seem to have had a hard time, though, in coming up with a Danno look-alike, as he is the only regular who portrays his own double. Goes to show you how unique-looking James MacArthur really is. They dubbed over his voice, and then tried to make it less obvious (and failed) by using camera angles that didn't focus much on the fake Danno's mouth. I bet they never figured how bad it would look/sound when Fake-Dan is replayed on a VCR's "slow" mode! The other phonies are pretty good if you consider how tough it would be to come up with several duplicates of well-known TV stars on short notice.

    You almost end up feeling sorry for the crooks--after all the trouble they go to in constructing a perfect ripoff scheme, complete with fake office, they get tripped up at the very end. I like Cameron ("Bowman") Mitchell's sense of humor about the whole mess. The funniest line of the whole series occurs when he says, with a hang-dog expression, "Book me." To know about the famous ending tag-line, Bowman must have been a regular watcher of Hawaii Five-0!

  • From: Brian Bunyan
    Date: 22 Jun 1999, at 01:04:08
    This was so cool when the four men who were the impostors of the four men at the Honolulu Police Department, also known as 5-O were the bad guys who impersonated Steven McGarrett, Dan "Danno" Williams, Chin Ho Kelly, and Ben. This was so cool when the fake Danno had a little man's voice and looked like the real Danno, the fake Chin Ho looked Japanese or Chinese more than the real Chin Ho Kelly, the fake McGarrett who was shorter than the real Steve McGarrett, but was a little bit different in the face, and the fake Ben which I don't know. These four men sure were villains. This episode ruled! I really like it a lot.

  • From: Melissa Jones
    Date: 23 Jun 1999, at 23:01:01
    After I saw this episode, I was really tired of Steve being framed. By my count, this was the FOURTH time! You'd think that by now the criminals in Hawaii would have figured out that Steve always manages to get out of frames. I didn't think that the fake Five-O team members looked much like the real ones. Even the fake Danny wasn't very convincing, because he didn't speak in Danny's voice.

  • From: mike durkin
    Date: 28 Jul 1999, at 22:32:38
    fun episode. the scene where cameron mitchell locks frank gorshin in a telephone booth.(double cross)would have been good material for americas dumbest criminals. because guess who frank gorshin decides to call? right. mcgarret.

  • From: Richard Barnhart
    Date: 12 Nov 1999, at 10:53:42
    This was a fun episode. I wonder how much money the rroks spent to made an exact copy of the entire Five-0 HQ. Computers, wood work, desk even certificates!

    But, they really need to talk to the night watchmen. This is the second show i have seen where a crook or crooks have broken into Five-0 Hq and put the guards in the closet!

  • From: Deana Lisi
    Date: 27 Nov 1999, at 23:32:51
    This episode made me laugh my head off. Having to make James MacArthur play the fake Danno was great. It was so funny to hear the dubbed voice coming out of 'his' mouth! He must've been the hardest worker as they filmed that one, considering that he had to play both Danno and the fake Danno. Too bad at the end they couldn't've spliced the film to make James MacArthur arrest himself! (Like how they showed Michael J. Fox playing 3 different characters in one scene in Back to the Future II) Oh well. This really was a funny one!

  • From: Ross Eleka
    Date: 16 May 2000, at 17:48:27
    This was one of the few "offbeat" episodes of the series, and I liked it a lot. Did you notice there was hardly a single act of violence in the whole series--hardly what you would expect from "5-0".

  • From: Mark Fensler
    Date: 11 Jul 2000, at 16:19:46
    This one was quite entertaining indeed, but somewhat far fetched in that what they did, such as the machine gun shooting in front of Walkers house or the scene with the bullhorn telling Doug Mossman(Shatner) not to move, or the throwing of the mail bomb out the window---these things would have attracted a huge crowd, but never did. But like Deana said, I laughed my head off, too. Very fun one !

  • From: Suzanne W.
    Date: 4 Apr 2001, at 13:26:08
    Frank Gorshin is soooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!

  • From: D. Hoffman
    Date: 24 Jul 2001, at 20:49:13
    I found lots of humor in this episode. Those staged encounters with the crooks' targets were so farfetched they had me cracking up. The imposters really enjoyed playing their roles -- especially the fake Ben who said 10-4 a few times.

    Another thing that was farfetched was when Manicote asked Walker to retrace the route from his home to the Five-0 office with his eyes shut. I know he claimed to be perceptive and keen on details due to his contracting business but it was hard to believe how he could have been so accurate.

    Bowman sure went to a lot of trouble and expense to recreate the Five-0 office. It's too bad he had to spend $50,000 and only made $250,000. He never got the $100,000 payoffs from Walker and Shatner. Not a good return on his investment.

    At the end, Bowman asked Steve: "Look, McGarrett, I don't suppose you'd want to discuss some sort of deal?". Of course, McGarrett gave his usual response: "No way.". This show was slow moving but it was a nice change of pace.

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