"The Two-Faced Corpse"
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Others' Musings

What others have written about "The Two-Faced Corpse":

  • From: Andrea Carter
    Date: 3 Dec 2001, at 13:25:54
    For those of us mad about McGarrett, this episode is wonderful for just sheer McGarrett-watching -- he looks teriffic! And in an early scene, when McGarrett is interviewing Julio Bocher's widow, there's some interesting byplay when she confesses that "there hasn't been anything between us for over a year" and implies that her husband had lost interest -- or ability -- and looks at McGarrett and says: "You know how that is?" McGarrett nods solemnly, and responds "I've heard." Translation: HE doesn't have that problem! :-) Obviously, the widow paid attention to his answer, and as he leaves, she watches him walk away with rather a winsome look, and it's very clear to us that she is NOT a grieving widow!

  • From: Peter Harris
    Date: 8 Nov 2002, at 07:21:16
    Surprisingly, I liked this show, even though (like Mike Quigley) I had to watch it three times to figure out what was going on. I got the strong feeling that Sam Elliott's character (Jack Houston) didn't kill Julio Bocher/Howard Crystal -- is was such a nervous wreck (when he wasn't making out with Carla Crystal) that I can't imagine him pulling off this stunt. Maybe Carla Crystal (the fine Jessica Walter) did it! Or maybe someone else entirely did it and Houston and Carla decided to cash in on Howard's sudden demise -- there are lots of possibilities raised. One thing I still don't understand is why they would try to roust up a mere $100,000. Did you SEE that magnificent mansion owned by the Crystals? I think nowadays you could pay half a million to buy a chicken coop in Honolulu. Crystal must have been really raking in the bucks (some relocated witnesses do). I got a big laugh over McGarrett getting his arm bandaged right through his shirt. Couldn't wardrobe have simply found another shirt for Jack Lord and cut off the left sleeve at the shoulder? Lord seemed to have a phobia about showing his arms bare in public -- in fact, he seldom even took off his jacket in warm, sticky Honolulu. I wear long sleeves too as a matter of preference (I don't like to risk getting sunburned, maybe Lord didn't either), but a suit and tie in that kind of weather? The actor (Alan Fudge) playing the FBI agent in charge of Jack Houston was very good.

  • From: Alan Lima
    Date: 9 Dec 2002, at 18:35:04
    I liked the episode overall. What's with the close-up of Steve's shoes as he walked into his office? Also, I don't think Steve would have any patience with a guy like Nick. He'd be on the parking meter detail pretty quick I would think. Was Nick supposed to be comic relief?

  • From: Ed Radakovitz
    Date: 21 Jun 1999, at 13:43:40
    Well.......what can you say about an episode that features Abe Vigoda and a young Sam Elliott? This was a special one because, anytime you can get McGarrett to say the phrase,"Super Fuzz" you have a priceless sound bite! This also included another "Super Steve" scene as he takes a bullet without hardly even flinching. Then to top it off he calls his shot and manages to topple the boat over onto Sam Elliott. Even Babe Ruth could not have called that one! Did anyone notice that Dano wore the same suit day after day in this one? Phew!!! Also.....there is no way that Ben was a football player at anytime in his life! Come on, he can hardly run without looking like a girl! Oh well.....Five -0 wins again! You go Steve!

  • From: Brian Bunyan
    Date: 22 Jun 1999, at 00:46:59
    This episode was kind of mysterious. It was about the two men having been confused. Sam Elliott was in that episode as Joe Houston. Sam Elliott was the villain in that episode. He murdered a man named Julio at the beginning, and murdered the other man at the almost ending as by shooting them to death. He also did attempted murder or assault to Steve McGarrett at the almost ending or ending when McGarrett and the other men were trying to arrest him. Sam Elliott is a pretty cool guy! He was with Cheryl Ladd on the 1985 television movie called, "A Murder In California" as David Jordan Williams or D. Jordan Williams or Jordan Williams, whom he called himself Bradley to deceive Hope Masters (played by Cheryl Ladd), but was a stranger to her and others. The character named D. Jordan Williams played by Elliott murdered an elderly man whose last name was Bradley, then later murdered Richard Morgan, who was played by Fritz Weaver or someone else whatever and raped Hope Masters (Cheryl Ladd). Sam Elliott was on "Tombstone", the 1993 film, rated-R movie and was on the 1991 Turner Network Television movie, "Conagher". He is one hell of a tough guy. I'd like to be just like him one of these days. That episode was pretty cool.

  • From: D. Hoffman
    Date: 10 Jul 2001, at 20:18:21
    I, too, found this episode to be confusing. I watched it twice and never could figure out how Steve came up with the idea that Howard Crystal and Julio Bocher were the same person.

    I was disappointed with the ending. If Steve was worried that Jack Houston and Carla Crystal would get off due to entrapment, why did he and the FBI plan that whole charade with the 2 undercover guys? I wanted to hear Steve say, "book-em Danno, murder one".

    It was funny the way Abe Kemper's dog scared off Ben and Chin when they went to question him early in the show. I also liked (only kidding!) Steve's all white golf outfit.

    I, too, noticed that Danno wore that same glen plaid suit every day. The only day he wore something different was on his day off when Steve left his golf game and called Danno in to the office. Then he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

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