"We Hang Our Own"
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What others have written about "We Hang Our Own":

  • From: James Moldenhauer
    Date: 11 Apr 2002, at 00:19:01
    It is easy to forget that Leslie Nielsen was a serious actor at one time due his Airplane and Naked Gun movies. It just shows how versatile he really was. I appreciate that fact that Hawaii Five-O did shows on the other islands like this one--showing off the beauty of "The Big Island".

  • From: tina
    Date: 24 Apr 2002, at 16:03:42
    Leslie is great

  • From: Pamela Harvey
    Date: 22 Jan 1999, at 01:29:12
    This episode if I can remember correctly was a two parter. Clearly one of the best episodes for that entire season. The reference to the Cain and Able story was quite clever. The beautiful ariel photography seen n the opening credits of this huge estate was a prelude of what this powerful family could lose and did when face with greed and jealousy. As usual the plotting, writing and acting was first rate. Leslie Neilsen is a great actor.

  • From: Brian Bunyan
    Date: 18 Jun 1999, at 19:58:31
    This episode was about a man named Cam Farraday, who was played by Bruce Boxleitner, was murdered by his brother Jay Farraday (played by Perry King) and/or probably the Hawaiian man, whom I forgot his name, who was kidnapped by Jay and the men. Leslie Nielsen was as Colonel Farraday, whose son named Cam Farraday (Bruce Boxleitner) was murdered. Cam was murdered by his brother Jay, which was that Jay used a rock to hit him, which was considered as a murder weapon. Leslie Nielsen is some hell of a tough guy! He sure is pretty cool. I like the episode of the old television show from the 1970's called "Cannon", which was titled, "The Man Who Died Twice" whom he played the character as Dave Baylor. The man who dressed up like Dave Baylor (Leslie Nielsen) was the bad guy, and he had a wig, sunglasses and a fake beard. I like the parts of what Dave Baylor said which was (in a bad, monster-like voice), "Hi, is this Susan Baylor?", "I just want to tell you that Dave Baylor is back and is alive.", "Whatsoever you think about this, Su-Su.", "Hey, Su-Su.", "Well, whatever you think about whatever this is...and on the contrary of whatsoever this is, yes, I am your father. Just tell them you don't want anyone to believe me, Su-Su. Okay, Su-Su. Good-bye, Su-Su.", "Where's Su-Su?", "Just tell her that Dave Baylor is going to get her as of right now.", and so on. This is so cool with Leslie Nielsen. He sure is pretty funny. Bruce Boxleitner sure is also cool. They both should ought to rule the world than ever before. And that's what it is with the Hawaii Five-O episode and others.

  • From: Kelly A. Kostecki
    Date: 12 Feb 2000, at 07:09:35
    Does distrub anybody that Lieslie Nelson play almost cold-blooded character like that guy gee I wondering where he get inspiration I don't know maybe (O.J. Simpson) hello? He was in Naked guns movies. I would love the white bronco car

  • From: Bunt Moon
    Date: 18 Apr 2000, at 04:22:19
    Leslie Neilsen gives a powerful performance , on the whole this episode is very good , the only 2 weak points I find are ; the dimness of some shots , the photography is not always very bright , of course on a ranch the green and lushness of the Islands is diminished , whether the photography was to have a darker look , and whether this was intentional to complement the story , I don't know , but I would have used more Sunshine , maybe they were going for a more natural look , without the big artificial spotlights , anyways my second criticism is that ; I found it real tense this episode is a very tense one indeed , lotsa anger , lotsa hatred , the director should have balanced the story much better , it was almost tense throughout the whole hour The Director did a fantastic job of Directing the cast , but has far as the Script , there should have been at least one sequence to relief us from such Tension , and idealy 2 such sequences would compensate for all the tension , Humor is needed , to relieve tension , I think if I remember correctly , there is 1 or 2 funny moments , but they are too isolated and they don't really dissipate the tension off , Now other than that , this episode is Great . A True Hawaii Five-0 Collector's item . Jack Rides a horse in this one , you can tell he knows how to ride a horse , I like the confrontation in the big Ranch house between Steve and Colonel Faraday . 8.5 outta 10 is my rating .

  • From: robbie
    Date: 1 Apr 2001, at 18:06:19
    This is a great episode leslie neilson was mainly a dramatic actor before airplane.one time on bonanza he palyed a sheriff who went bizzerk become a sniper & was shooting at everyone in town.we're so used to sseing leslie neilson in movies like the naked gun when you see him in a dramatic role you expect him to do something ridiculous.

  • From: D. Hoffman
    Date: 3 Jul 2001, at 19:50:18
    I really liked this episode. I thought that the background music was great -- especially the Hawaii Five-0 theme song with a western flair. The upcountry scenery was beautiful.

    McGarrett had some great dialogue with Colonel Farraday. The topics of history and taking the law into one's own hands came up several times. When McGarrett first met with Farraday, he asked if he knew where Larry Kahela was. The Colonel gave him a dissertation about the history of his ranch, to which McGarrett replied: "Thanks for the history lesson, Colonel, but my question is still unanswered." At the end of that meeting McGarrett said: "You're a rich and powerful man, Colonel, but no one, no one is rich or powerful enough to take the law into his own hands."

    When McGarrett returned to the Farraday ranch with a search warrant, he continued on the history and law themes by saying: "...civilized men make laws and the best history is made by men who respect the law."

    The Five-0 team stayed at the Naniloa Surf hotel in Hilo. I think the governor stayed there in "A Hawaiian Nightmare".

    Poor Steve had to wear that tan suit 3 days in a row. I can imagine how smelly it must have been after he rode the horse.

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