"A Hawaiian Nightmare"
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What others have written about "A Hawaiian Nightmare":

  • From: Deana Lisi
    Date: 27 Nov 1999, at 23:24:54
    Aloha, people! This is a really cool episode. Some moron of a badguy wanted to get rich quick, so he set bombs, intending to make the volcano go off if he didn't get the money. This is the episode where they show the scene where the got the picture of Steve and Danno wearing the raincoats. (The pic that you see all over the web.) One part that didn't quite make sense, was when Steve and Danno, (wearing the raincoats, because it was raining. DUH!) are walking along where the bombs are supposed to be, (is it me, or was that really dumb?) the ground is wet, and Danno slips. Steve grabs his arm, and some rocks come loose and rolls down the slope, and--I bet you can guess what happens--one of the bombs goes off. But the problem is, that the explosion was, like, nothing big. How would the volcano be made to erupt with such weakling 'bombs' like that? If the bombs were as powerful as they were made to seem, Steve and Danno should've been hurt pretty bad by the bomb that Danno unintentionally set off. And after that, you'd think they would've roped off the entire area! Sheesh! Later on, at the end, when Danno was preparing to try to diffuse the bomb, Steve finds the remote control that shuts it off. That was a bummer, because I wanted Danno to diffuse it. I like when he does stuff like that, it's fascinating to watch, and it adds tension to the scene!

  • From: Bill
    Date: 24 Jan 2000, at 01:47:35
    This episode is almost a how-to manual for building an ANFO (ammonium nitrate-fuel oil) bomb, such as the one used in the Oklahoma City bombing. It purportedly gives the exact recipe of "thanatine" nitrate and 6% diesel fuel. A suspenseful episode!

  • From: D. Hoffman
    Date: 22 Jun 2001, at 21:05:58
    I didn't find this to be a suspenseful, exciting episode -- even though the detonation was down to the wire. There were no memorable McGarrett lines or actions. Bernie Brown earned a $40,000 salary which, according to Danno, was pretty good. Of course that was 1974. Poor Steve got his beautifully coiffed hair ruined in the rain in several scenes. There were some great shots of the volcano on the Big Island. At the end, McGarrett really shouldn't have thrown the garage door opener up in the air. When he caught it, he could have inadvertently pressed the "open" button and set off the bomb.

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