"The Young Assassins"
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What others have written about "The Young Assassins":

  • From: Patricia Engel
    Date: 24 Aug 1998, at 22:54:39

    This was an interesting episode. I would really like to know how the PAG knew that Danny and Professor Metzger would be lunching at that particular restaurant.

    Once again McGarrett arrives just in the nick of time to save his best friend.

    I was a little disappointed by the ending of the show when Steve and Danny are reunited. I had been led to believe that there was more to it then there was. Some real male bonding.


  • From: Joe Offredi
    Date: 16 Oct 1998, at 20:39:39
    This was a good episode, with plenty of action and some real tension. Danno gets kidnapped, along with Professor Metzger, and later the bad guys dump the Professor's dead body out of a moving car. It's true that we don't learn exactly how the "People's Attack Group" got the inside info necessary to pull off the snatch, but I think we later see enough of their leader, Stanwood, to know he is a deviously clever psychopath. Mike Quigley, in his "Hawaii Five-0 Home Page," gives this episode 3-1/2 stars out of a possible four, but I don't think I'd go quite that high, because of one main flaw. Almost, though.

    Remember when this episode was made, in 1974? Around that time, the Symbionese Liberation Army--a California-based group of radical terrorists--was in the news pretty regularly. They kidnapped and brainwashed Patty Hearst, the newspaper heiress, they robbed banks, killed people, and cleverly eluded capture for a long time. If memory serves, their leader was a guy who called himself "Cinque," and he was a very slippery, albeit totally irrational, fellow. Anyway, I think this People's Attack Group was influenced by those news events of the day, and it's not fair to come down on the show now because the PAG seems out-of-date by today's standards. This kind of against-the-establishment thinking was definitely important stuff back then.

    The problem I have is that we never really find out the specifics that motivate the People's Attack Group. Why are they killing innocent people at random? It's not for money. They seem fairly organized, they're going to extremes and taking serious risks, but their motives are never fully developed. All we get is the usual radical babble, but it would have been more believable if we knew their actions were for revenge, or for hatred of a particular person, or whatever. Maybe I didn't get the full gist because the episode I saw was a Family Channel hatchet-job.

    I feel sorry for John Manicote in his meeting with McGarrett and the governor. When the question of making a deal with the PAG arises, McGarrett screams, "Never. Never! NEVER!!!" so loudly that it almost blows little John out of his chair. He's always getting this kind of treatment, poor guy. This kind of inflexibility ends up costing the professor's life, though, culminating a very emotional sequence. Later, we also get the obligatory fiery car explosion when one of the PAG (she's an attractive girl for a terrorist) runs her Ford sedan into a big construction vehicle. Is it my imagination, or does Five-0 give us an explosion every time the bad guys have an accident? Really, do cars always blow up on impact?

    The ending is fine. I've heard some people say that they wish that McGarrett had expressed more emotion when Danno is saved in the nick of time, but I like it the way it is--somewhat understated, and this is consistent with the characters that we've come to know. You don't really have to look too hard to see that Steve was extremely glad and relieved to have Dan safe and sound again. If the two had engaged in some goopy, syrupy reunion, it just would not have been Five-0.

  • From: Ed Radakovitz
    Date: 15 Jun 1999, at 11:39:08
    This episode completed the C.H.i.P.s Twin killing. A young Jon is a brainwashed killing machine and totally ruins the dream vacation of that really nice couple. That totally killed my perception of our future C.H.i.P.s hero. The next monumental part was the speech McGarrett gives to the D.A. and the Governor about "Never giving in...". The stone cold explanation that Danny knew what risks he was taking when he signed on is classic McGarrett. The payoff is when Danny is saved and the total lack of emotion Steve exhibited but yet there was a feeling of relief that you could see in his eyes. Great job again Five-0!

  • From: Daniel Brotschul
    Date: 16 Jun 1999, at 04:40:13
    I had similar thoughts regarding the consistent trend of automobiles involved in collisions that explode as though they have dynamite in them. It was rare McGarrett form when he burst though the kitchen doors to comfort Professor Metzger's wife when she broke down while making coffee. However, such an embrace between Danno and Steve would just not be appropriate for those stoic manly men. Seeing Poncharelli Estrada's sidekick as a cold-blooded killer was indeed surprising.

  • From: Deana Lisi
    Date: 27 Nov 1999, at 23:04:42
    I loved this episode. The ending was okay. Steve did show SOME emotion, at having Danno back safe and sound. Remember when the PAG leader came back from the bunker that Danno was locked in? Steve assumed that he'd just murdered Danno, and beat the daylights out of him! (Rage! An emotion!) Then he leans on the wall, (or whatever was there) out of breath, instead of going in there, probably afraid to see that he's right. (Fear! Another emotion!)Then he hears a noise. He turns around, and there's Danno, looking slightly the worse for wear, with a cut on his forehead, but alive. Steve smiles, (Happiness! Another emotion!) and pats his shoulder. He says, "Let's get out of here." And they walk away, Steve's arm around Danno's shoulders. (Affection! Another emotion!)The second before the freeze, Steve smiles at him again. (I think. If so, yet another emotion!!)So, anyway, you get my point. Although I too thought it was more then that, and when I found out before I even saw the episode that it wasn't, when I finally DID see it, (Thanks, for the tape, aikane. You know who you are) it ended up being MORE then I thought. (I hope you people can follow me!) Anyway.....I had to put my two cents in!

  • From: Archie Pellagio
    Date: 5 Feb 2000, at 12:34:29
    I respectfully wish to disagree with the people who think McGarrett didn't show enough emotion when rescuing Danny.This was pre-Village People 70's !!!Matcho guys didn't hug back then.Steve patted him on the back and eventually threw his arm around him. Maybe the way WGN chops up the show for commercials, they cut out a segment where they walk arm and arm over to the old Hamburger Mary's on Kuhio for lattes !!!!

  • From: Kelly A. Kostecki
    Date: 12 Feb 2000, at 07:07:07
    Oh my god!!!

    John Bakker is a killer!!!! Great Ponchello was a mob member and Bakker was a terrorist great!! and he came this close whacking Danno before Mcgarrett show up

  • From: Bunt Moon
    Date: 18 Apr 2000, at 00:13:10
    This is another episode that starts off real good , but then midway it starts dragging and getting real slow , and the suspence is not achieved , I FIND THE LATTER HALF OF THIS EPISODE dissapointing . Skip it .

  • From: Cindy Kimura
    Date: 21 Apr 2000, at 00:00:34
    I really enjoyed this episode in only that it showcased James MacArthur's acting ability. He is in a few key scenes and makes them count. As to how did the PAG no where to find the professor, the crooks can tail people too. But, the scene which I am referring to is when Standwood comes in right before the police make their move. If you watch the episode in the bunker very carefully you can see Dan Williams have tears running down his eyes. Just think you have seen someone murdered in cold blood right before your eyes and in all respects you will suffer the same fate. That is the one scene that sold me on James MacArthur, his acting ability is subtle and sublime, and you don't even notice it until later.

  • From: Teresa Bales
    Date: 9 Aug 2000, at 06:16:30
    This whole episode showcased James MacArthur's subtle acting. And it was true to the show. Yes, Steve seemed almost cold when he said "Danno knew the risks", but he wasn't cold at the end, when he is reunited with Danno. He was just very McGarrett. Sometimes depth of emotion is best shown by a surprised, almost shy smile and an arm around the shoulders. Danno didn't go all mushy either. Those two don't have that kind of friendship. It's more in the heart than on the sleeve, if you get my drift. Very much in keeping with the times in which the show was filmed.

    However, one part of the episode was almost too subtle to be noticed, yet it stuck in my mind as great acting. When Danno and the professor are first stuck in the bunker, they are shoved in blindfolded. Danno, hands out in front of him, just stopped in his tracks rather than wave around or feel around or anything. He just stopped, and when the door was closed and locked, he ripped off the blindfold. *Then* he looked around. I thought that was superb and very dignified acting. Way to go, James MacArthur!

  • From: Karen Jerred
    Date: 7 Nov 2000, at 00:29:46
    This is another favorite episode of mine, but there is one scene that I find disappointing. At the end McGarrett beats ups Army in the bunker thinking he had killed Danno. When Danno enters the area where McGarrett is, the comera is on James MacArthur alone but on the wall right behind him is clearly written the name "Jack". Don't get me wrong, I am a big Jack Lord fan, but did he have that much of a ego that he even had to have his first name written in the background of a scene that should have been James MacArthur's alone? Anyone else see this? Disappointing. Overall, a good show.

  • From: Jenny Gregory
    Date: 24 Jan 2001, at 15:24:51
    This episode is one of my favourites, purely because we get to see Danno quite a lot!!! It's always nice when he doesn't spend the whole episode saying !Yes Boss, No Boss" to McGarrett!! The last scene is so cute, but again the ending focuses on McGarrett a lot which is sad. Otherwise a really good episode!!!

  • From: D. Hoffman
    Date: 4 Mar 2001, at 21:57:46
    I thought that this show was very suspenseful. In reference to the comments made on 11/7/2000, I reran my tape and also noticed the name "Jack" was written on the wall behind Danno at the end. There were some other words written above it that I couldn't make out. Interesting. At first I thought that the final scene lacked emotion because Steve and Danno didn't embrace. But, after watching it a second time, the facial expressions and understated actions definitely showed the bond the 2 guys had.

  • From: Amir Ashraf
    Date: 13 Mar 2001, at 04:00:23
    This one was original, a group of young adults and older adults kill people for the heck of it.

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