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You've seen most of the episodes, or you've seen only a few, and you'd like to share your opinion with the rest of the Hawaii Five -O crowd.

Well, then you've come to the right place, my friend. Simply locate the name of the episode on which you wish to comment, and you'll be able to see what others have said about it. More importantly, you'll be able to add your own comments!

Above all, have fun!

There are a few ways to locate an episode you're interested in.

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With any luck, they'll all work equally well.

Most recent comments:

Billy Laferriere31 May 2003Skinhead
ricardo shilto30 May 2003Secret Witness
Billy Laferriere25 May 2003Tiger By The Tail
J.D.18 May 2003Murder Is A Taxing Affair
Billy Laferriere9 May 2003`V' For Vashon: The Son
Wade T.29 Apr 2003The Reunion
Wade T.29 Apr 2003The Box
John Funk22 Apr 2003Murder Is A Taxing Affair
Jim21 Apr 2003Target? The Lady
Moira Sullivan20 Apr 2003Blind Tiger

Season 1:
Episode TitleNum.
Last Cmt.
1Full Fathom Five174 Feb 2003
2Strangers In Our Own Land28 Jul 1999
3Tiger By The Tail625 May 2003
4Samurai1226 Dec 2002
5...And They Painted Daisies On His Coffin101 Aug 2001
6Twenty-Four Karat Kill53 Mar 2002
7The Ways Of Love58 Jan 2001
8No Blue Skies112 Mar 2000
9By The Numbers311 Feb 2003
10Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born1810 Sep 2002
11Deathwatch421 Jan 2003
12Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember1017 Apr 2003
13King Of The Hill1427 Jul 2001
14Up Tight1021 Mar 2003
15Face Of The Dragon714 Apr 2003
16The Box1129 Apr 2003
17One For The Money36 Oct 2002
18Along Came Joey49 Sep 2002
19 & 20Once Upon A Time1720 Apr 2003
21Not That Much Different314 Aug 2002
22Six Kilos811 Sep 2002
23The Big Kahuna1020 Apr 2003
Season 2:
Episode TitleNum.
Last Cmt.
24A Thousand Pardons -- You're Dead!1215 Mar 2003
25To Hell With Babe Ruth414 Mar 2003
26Forty Feet High And It Kills!716 Dec 2002
27Just Lucky, I Guess52 Mar 2003
28Savage Sunday610 Feb 2003
29A Bullet For McGarrett317 Apr 2003
30Sweet Terror76 Oct 2002
31King Kamehameha Blues64 Feb 2003
32The Singapore File1014 Apr 2003
33All The King's Horses410 Feb 2003
34Leopard On The Rock226 Oct 2001
35The Devil and Mr. Frog721 Sep 2002
36The Joker's Wild, Man, Wild!1328 Feb 2003
37Which Way Did They Go?222 Oct 1998
38Blind Tiger1420 Apr 2003
39Bored She Hung Herself319 Jun 1999
40Run, Johnny, Run917 Apr 2003
41Killer Bee414 Aug 2002
42The One With The Gun315 Mar 2003
43Cry, Lie917 Apr 2003
44Most Likely To Murder717 Feb 2003
45Nightmare Road126 Oct 1998
46 & 47Three Dead Cows at Makapuu1130 Sep 2002
48Kiss The Queen Goodbye41 Dec 2002
Season 3:
Episode TitleNum.
Last Cmt.
49And A Time To Die...101 Oct 2002
50Trouble In Mind1316 Mar 2003
51The Second Shot414 Aug 2002
52Time And Memories513 Aug 2002
53The Guarnerius Caper811 Oct 2002
54The Ransom1428 Nov 2002
55Force Of Waves65 Oct 2002
56The Reunion929 Apr 2003
57The Late John Louisiana430 Oct 2002
58The Last Eden319 Oct 2002
59Over Fifty? Steal1623 Jan 2003
60Beautiful Screamer814 Mar 2003
61The Payoff212 Oct 2002
62The Double Wall727 Oct 2002
63Paniolo58 Oct 2002
64Ten Thousand Diamonds And A Heart218 Oct 2002
65To Kill Or Be Killed220 Nov 2000
66 & 67F.O.B. Honolulu812 Oct 2002
68The Gunrunner0 
69Dear Enemy0 
70The Bomber And Mrs. Moroney518 Jun 2000
71 & 72The Grandstand Play1025 Oct 2002
Season 4:
Episode TitleNum.
Last Cmt.
73Highest Castle, Deepest Grave1318 Jan 2003
74No Bottles... No Cans... No People518 Feb 2002
75Wednesday, Ladies Free423 Mar 2002
763,000 Crooked Miles To Honolulu115 Jun 2002
77Two Doves And Mr. Heron32 Jul 1999
78...And I Want Some Candy And A Gun That Shoots527 Nov 1999
79Air Cargo -- Dial For Murder212 Oct 2002
80For A Million... Why Not?622 Feb 2003
81The Burning Ice111 Jul 2000
82Rest In Peace, Somebody61 Mar 2003
83A Matter of Mutual Concern119 Nov 1998
84Nine, Ten, You're Dead216 Mar 2001
85Is This Any Way To Run A Paradise?313 Feb 2000
86Odd Man In617 Feb 2003
87Bait Once, Bait Twice418 Dec 2002
88 & 89The Ninety-Second War 817 Jan 2003
90Skinhead1231 May 2003
91While You're At It, Bring In The Moon37 Aug 2001
92Cloth Of Gold116 Jun 2001
93Good Night, Baby - Time To Die!525 Nov 2001
94Didn't We Meet At A Murder?218 Jun 2000
95Follow The White Brick Road53 Jan 2003
96R & R & R1010 Feb 2003
Season 5:
Episode TitleNum.
Last Cmt.
97Death Is A Company Policy825 Dec 2002
98Death Wish On Tantalus Mountain56 Sep 2001
99You Don't Have To Kill To Get Rich - But It Helps.1118 Feb 2003
100Pig In A Blanket83 Dec 2001
101The Jinn Who Clears The Way425 May 2002
102Fools Die Twice326 Nov 2001
103Chain Of Events223 Feb 2002
104Journey Out Of Limbo715 Aug 2002
105`V' For Vashon: The Son219 May 2003
106`V' For Vashon: The Father52 Aug 2001
107`V' For Vashon: The Patriarch109 Aug 2001
108The Clock Struck Twelve423 Aug 2000
109I'm A Family Crook -- Don't Shoot!111 Dec 2002
110The Child Stealers323 Mar 2001
111Thanks For The Honeymoon111 Sep 2002
112The Listener81 Mar 2003
113Here Today... Gone Tonight210 Oct 2001
114The Odd Lot Caper226 Nov 2001
115Will The Real Mr. Winkler Please Die?714 Aug 2002
116Little Girl Blue326 Nov 2001
117Percentage14 Nov 1998
118Engaged To Be Buried77 Dec 2002
119The Diamond That Nobody Stole0 
120Jury Of One212 Jun 2001
Season 6:
Episode TitleNum.
Last Cmt.
121Hookman1328 Nov 2002
122Draw Me A Killer1425 Jan 2003
123Charter For Death66 Nov 2002
124One Big Happy Family185 Apr 2003
125The Sunday Torch418 Feb 2003
126Murder Is A Taxing Affair618 May 2003
127Tricks Are Not Treats318 Feb 2003
128Why Wait Till Uncle Kevin Dies?419 Oct 2001
129Flash Of Color, Flash Of Death1018 Feb 2003
130A Bullet For El Diablo530 Oct 2001
131The Finishing Touch228 Feb 2001
132Anybody Can Build A Bomb0 
133Try To Die On Time521 Nov 2002
134The $100,000 Nickel422 Nov 2002
135The Flip Side Is Death414 Feb 2003
136Banzai Pipeline914 Feb 2003
137One Born Every Minute111 Nov 2000
138Secret Witness630 May 2003
139Death With Father514 Dec 2001
140Murder With A Golden Touch110 Dec 2001
141Nightmare in Blue717 Feb 2003
142Mother's Deadly Helper825 Jan 2003
143Killer at Sea228 Nov 2002
14430,000 Rooms And I Have The Key427 Dec 2002
Season 7:
Episode TitleNum.
Last Cmt.
145The Young Assassins1413 Mar 2001
146A Hawaiian Nightmare322 Jun 2001
147I'll Kill 'Em Again928 Nov 2002
148Steal Now -- Pay Later717 Feb 2003
149Bomb, Bomb, Who's Got The Bomb?213 Nov 1998
150Right Grave- Wrong Body319 Feb 2003
151We Hang Our Own824 Apr 2002
152The Two-Faced Corpse69 Dec 2002
153How To Steal A Masterpiece414 Aug 2002
154A Gun For McGarrett417 Jul 2001
155Welcome To Our Branch Office126 Nov 2002
156Presenting... In The Center Ring... Murder719 Dec 2002
157Hara-Kiri: Murder130 Nov 1998
158Bones of Contention28 Nov 2002
159Computer Killer515 Aug 2002
160A Woman's Work Is With A Gun625 Jan 2003
161Small Witness, Large Crime225 May 2000
162Ring Of Life130 Nov 1998
163Study In Rage120 Oct 2000
164And The Horse Jumped Over The Moon313 Mar 2001
165Hit Gun For Sale225 Nov 2001
166The Hostage823 Jun 2002
167Diary Of A Gun619 Feb 2003
1686,000 Deadly Tickets312 Dec 2002
Season 8:
Episode TitleNum.
Last Cmt.
169Murder -- Eyes Only614 May 2002
170McGarrett Is Missing720 Jan 2003
171Termination With Extreme Prejudice518 Nov 2002
172Target? The Lady721 Apr 2003
173Death's Name Is Sam224 Jul 2001
174The Case Against McGarrett619 Nov 2002
175The Defector414 May 2002
176Sing A Song Of Suspense628 Aug 2001
177Retire In Sunny Hawaii... Forever1018 Jan 2003
178How To Steal A Submarine130 Nov 1998
179The Waterfront Steal428 Aug 2001
180Honor Is An Unmarked Grave413 Apr 2003
181A Touch Of Guilt84 May 2002
182Wooden Model Of A Rat29 Mar 2002
183Deadly Persuasion429 Mar 2001
184Legacy Of Terror13 Mar 2000
185Loose Ends Get Hit528 Nov 2002
186Anatomy Of A Bribe130 Nov 1998
187Turkey Shoot At Makapuu423 Feb 2003
188A Killer Grows Wings14 Dec 1998
189The Capsule Kidnapping17 Jun 1999
190Love Thy Neighbor, Take His Wife110 Dec 1998
191A Sentence To Steal311 Jul 2000
Season 9:
Episode TitleNum.
Last Cmt.
192Nine Dragons155 Apr 2003
193Assault On The Palace315 Jul 2001
194Oldest Profession - Latest Price428 Nov 2002
195Man On Fire111 Jul 2000
196Tour De Force, Killer Aboard215 Aug 2002
197The Last Of The Great Paperhangers515 Aug 2002
198Heads, You're Dead54 Nov 2002
199Let Death Do Us Part0 
200Double Exposure622 Dec 2002
201Yes, My Deadly Daughter26 Oct 2001
202Target - A Cop64 Nov 2002
203The Bells Toll At Noon524 Dec 2002
204Man In A Steel Frame137 Sep 2002
205Ready, Aim.....124 Aug 1998
206Elegy In A Rain Forest1816 Jan 2003
207Dealer's Choice..... Blackmail728 Nov 2002
208A Capitol Crime64 Jan 2003
209To Die In Paradise0 
210Blood Money Is Hard To Wash925 Mar 2002
211To Kill A Mind111 Jul 2000
212Requiem For A Saddle Bronc Rider17 Jan 1999
213See How She Runs0 
214Practical Jokes Can Kill You213 Sep 1999
Season 10:
Episode TitleNum.
Last Cmt.
215Up The Rebels319 May 2000
216You Don't See Many Pirates These Days124 Aug 1998
217The Cop On The Cover22 Feb 2001
218The Friends Of Joey Kalima26 Sep 1999
219The Descent Of The Torches27 Jan 1999
220The Ninth Step24 Aug 2001
221Shake Hands With The Man On The Moon128 Jul 2000
222Deadly Doubles631 Jan 2003
223Deep Cover416 Jul 2001
224Tsunami14 Nov 2001
225East Wind, Ill Wind126 Jul 1999
226Tread The King's Shadow124 Mar 1999
227The Big Alona231 Jan 2003
228A Short Walk On The Long Shore725 Jun 2002
229The Silk Trap37 Jan 2003
230Head To Head64 Nov 2002
231Tall On The Wave116 Aug 2000
232Angel In Blue210 Aug 2000
233When Does A War End?0 
234Invitation To Murder116 Aug 2000
235Frozen Assets126 Aug 1998
236My Friend, The Enemy313 Jul 2002
237A Stranger In His Grave13 Aug 1999
238A Death In The Family124 Nov 2002
Season 11:
Episode TitleNum.
Last Cmt.
239The Sleeper128 Sep 2000
240Horoscope For Murder316 Oct 1999
241Deadly Courier522 Jan 2003
242The Case Against Philip Christie0 
243Small Potatoes614 Jul 2002
244A Distant Thunder717 Jul 2002
245DEATH MASK26 Jun 2002
246The Pagoda Factor222 Jan 2003
247A Long Time Ago24 Apr 2002
248Why Won't Linda Die?26 Apr 1999
249The Miracle Man24 Nov 2002
250 & 251Number One With A Bullet822 Jan 2003
252The Meighan Conspiracy125 May 2000
253The Spirit Is Willie129 Feb 2000
254The Bark And The Bite14 Nov 2002
255Stringer45 Aug 2002
256The Execution File114 Aug 2002
257A Very Personal Matter522 Jan 2003
258The Skyline Killer522 Jan 2003
259The Year Of The Horse84 Nov 2002
Season 12:
Episode TitleNum.
Last Cmt.
260A Lion In The Streets84 Nov 2002
261Who Says Cops Don't Cry431 Jan 2003
262Though The Heavens Fall44 Feb 2003
263Sign Of The Ram34 Jan 2002
264Good Help Is Hard To Find331 Jan 2003
265Image Of Fear221 Jul 2000
266Use A Gun, Go To Hell531 Jan 2003
267Voice Of Terror210 Nov 2001
268A Shallow Grave19 Nov 1998
269The Kahuna113 Nov 1998
270Labyrinth130 Nov 1998
271School For Assassins310 Nov 2001
272For Old Times Sake14 Dec 1998
273The Golden Noose222 Jan 2003
274The Flight Of The Jewels322 Jan 2003
275Clash Of Shadows24 Feb 2003
276A Bird In Hand...221 Aug 2000
277The Moroville Covenant17 Jan 1999
278Woe to Wo Fat234 Feb 2003

That's all of them!